Nicci Hejnar

Nicci Hejnar comes to Well Versed Comedy after spending the last eight years in Texas joining the team on the fall 2018 edition of HaHaMen.


She is a veteran of the stage since she was seven years old and a worship team singer since fifteen. Nicci has always loved to tell stories and make people laugh. Lucille Ball, 80's and 90's SNL casts, and Carol Burnett are some of her largest influences in comedy.

Nicci and her husband Joel are expecting their first child, Evan, this August. After a long wait, Nicci is truly excited about the future that God has for her, Joel, and the bundle of joy we all cannot wait to meet in Evan!

As an adult, she expanded into stage writing and directing, film/television acting, and voicing books and characters. Nicci switched gears from hobby to a career endeavor in 2014. That decision was preceded by much prayer and divine confirmation (Jonah moments-ask if you are curious). The support she got from AMTC in learning the ropes of the industry has been invaluable. Not to mention the networking involved with AMTC. Nicci was a part of Zingerz Comedy Club in Arlington, TX for three years and also pursued stand-up comedy for the last four years. She is so excited to have found Well Versed!!

A variety of performance art is a symptom of her struggle with  artistic ADD. It’s a very specialized spectrum that she made up. Or at least she thinks she did. She prefers not to find out.