Kelly Zea

Kelly is punbelievably blessed to be joining the team of Well Versed Comedy. She has desired to act since she was a little girl and had her first role at age 9 in an after school club. Years later under that same director, she performed in what was probably the first taste of improv, a murder mystery dinner show. In high school theater, she went from singing a solo word to belting out "Anything You Can Do..." in an unforgettable blessing of the lead in Annie Get Your Gun. (Another full circle moment was coming back to that show years later in community theater and playing the role of Winnie Tate.) 


She went on to pursue a BA in Theater at Columbia College Chicago and found her niche acting in student films and the TV department. She considered pursuing film acting as she and some class mates were introduced to LA through a course, "Actor's Guide to Hollywood," but can see how God has blessed the path that led elsewhere. She also worked for years as an extra in Chicago TV & film industry and after years of a theater hiatus, found home in community theater in Northwest suburbs like HOTT Productions (Helping Others Through Theater) & Overshadowed Theatrical Productions (where she became friends with fellow WV newbies Naomi, Michael, and Jonathan ). As an attempt to face fears, she took improv classes at Second City and auditioned several times for their conservatories, eventually landing in their Music Improv program. 


She's been blessed with theater and performing opportunities throughout her life but mostly values the people with whom she has met through each creative journey. She sees how God has used theater as a sacred space of ministry and has found community that's been with her through growth and sanctification. She also treasures doing several shows with her Dad who had done many shows before she was born. While she has much to learn, she is grateful to be taken under the wings of Well Versed as they've already taught so much. She is excited to glorify the Lord through playing with these friends and believes that humor is healing.


Outside of theater, she works supporting students in a high school and can be found pet sitting, capturing moments, indulging in theological discussions, dreaming of and missing Africa or running, punning and dancing through life, Zeabunking the lies of the world one reminder of God’s truth at a time.