Jonathan Wessel

Jonathan is an actor, stunt performer, and musician. He got his start in the performing arts at the age of four when he started playing the cello, and he's played in multiple youth and community orchestras throughout his life. He's also a classically-trained singer, having studied with Raymond Gibbs (former lead tenor with the Metropolitan Opera) and enjoys singing in church with the choir and specials. Music is a deeply-integral part of his life and he enjoys listening and playing music whenever he can.


On the acting front, Jonathan got involved in theater at the age of 8, performing in small productions at his church. He was always getting up at home and doing some sort of acting for the family and always loved the idea of playing different characters. It wasn't until high school that Jonathan really got into performing regularly, participating in a homeschool drama group that was a part of his parent's fine arts program for home schooled students in the Chicago area. After doing theater all through high school, Jonathan jumped into the community theater world, performing mainly with Overshadowed Theatrical Productions in Medinah, IL. From there he started acting in short films and other community theater groups, and in 2011, he took over directing the drama group at his parents' fine arts program, and went on to direct over 25 theatrical productions with them.


Jonathan's main area of focus is the film industry, and has worked on over 20 films or independent series since 2016. His body of work includes the films Night Guard, Counter Column, Silent Night in Algona, Happy Together, Duel, and an untitled sitcom due to be released later in 2022. In addition to acting, Jonathan is also a stunt performer, stunt coordinator, and stunt driver, and has worked on multiple projects, including Counter Column (fight coordinator), Through Eyes of Grace (stunt coordinator), LIE (stunt performer), ION TV's The Christmas Thief (stunt driver), and Washington's Armor (stunt performer). 


Jonathan has enjoyed comedy since he was young, but has never really delved into the world of improv until now, and is very excited to be joining Well Versed Comedy and being able to entertain and minister to others through this fun and challenging medium.